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Result: Four Major Problems

The results can be as obvious as fire damage and roof deterioration, or as concealed as nasty grease odors.

  1. FIRE HAZARD– Fire is your worst nightmare. Dangerous, life threatening, and very very expensive.
  2. SANITARY HAZARD – The smell of rancid grease repels customers and attracts Health and Fire Department Inspectors.
  3. ROOF DECAY – Equals roof replacement …A costly time consuming result.
  4. EXHAUST FAN FAILUREGrease build up causes fan malfunction and motor burn out Very expensive to replace.



The Solution?

Complete Kitchen Exhaust System Degreasing

Bay Hill Fire Protection has the number one cleaning system in the industry, combining the best kitchen exhaust  cleaning techniques with State of the Art Equipment and Chemicals.
B.H.F.P. is covered with General Liability Insurance.
B.H.F.P. Guarantee: We will leave your exhaust hood system and kitchen clean and in good working order.

We do the job right!!



Schedule of Inspection for Grease Buildup
Type or Volume                                                                        Inspection
of Cooking                                                                                 Frequency
System serving solid fuel cooking operations                    Monthly


System serving high-volume cooking                                 Quarterly
 operations, such as 24-hour cooking,
 charbroiling, or work cooking operations


System serving moderate-volume cooking                        Semiannually  


System serving low-volume cooking                                    Annually            
 operations, such as churches, day camps,
seasonal businesses, or senior centers.


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